Thursday, April 22, 2010

A LIttle Help From My Friends

I've been sick this week. Trivia last weekend must have gotten to me. On Tuesday, I thought I was just still tired and spring allergies were acting up. By Wednesday, I was kind of miserable.

I tried to go to work this morning. Steph and I were supposed to teach a class all day today together. I didn't want to leave her hanging.

J-boy texted me and asked how I was feeling this morning. I told him I felt like suck.

Two minutes later I got a phone call from the Saint.

It went a lot like this:

Saint: You need to go home.
Me: I'm okay...
Saint: You sound terrible. Go home.
Me: I'm not planning on staying all day...
Saint: I can be there in 15 minutes to drive for Steph.
Me: Actually, I was planning to teach my part this morning...
Saint: Do you hate yourself? Go home. I'll be there in 15 minutes.
Me: Ok, mom.

There is no arguing with the Saint. She orders you home, you go home.

The Saint helped out with the class in the morning and J-boy helped in the afternoon. It's nice that there are people I can count on to pick up the slack so I can stay home and be miserable in peace.

Writing this blog was taxing. I'm going to go lay down now.