Monday, March 29, 2010


So, about a month ago I got a Facebook friend request from Dude. I didn't really know who he was, but he lives close to me and he works at the car dealership where I get my oil changed. I thought maybe he was the guy I talk to up there, so I accepted the friend request. I thought, why not?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Why not, she thought naively. Bah!
Dude Facebook chats me now. He's sent me his cell number at least six times so that I can "text him."

Did I forget to mention that Dude is married with a two year old son!!!
You know how I know this? It says so on his Facebook profile.

Why would I text a married man? What would we text about?
Even if I didn't get a Tiger Woods/Jesse James vibe from this guy, it would be weird.

Here's the problem:
He works at the place where I get my oil changed. What the hell am I supposed to do about that? I can't unfriend him. I think he'll notice and then "magically" all the oil leaks out of my car and I have to pay for expensive repairs?
I'm not texting him. That's not happening.
I'm doing my best to ignore him.

Boys are so weird.

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